About Helchan



My name is Helena Mranani, people called me Helena or Nani, but i love to be called Helchan.. hehe.. I’m so honored you are stopping by. The first thing you should know about me is that i love making new friends, so please don’t hesitate to say hello 🙂

I’m Japanese Literature graduated who is not working in Japanese company or field after found out that Japanese work ethic is not suit with me, but i’m still love Japanese culture 🙂 And finally, i’m on the way to pursue my passion in food by study Commercial Cookery in Melbourne, Australia.

I love traveling, going to new places, learn their culture and language, in the way to realized my pasion in traveling, i ever became au pair in The Netherland and Australia, i’m also Australia Work and Holiday program graduated.. 🙂

This blog itself documenting my thoughts, my traveling story, food recipes, and anything what i like and dislike. Before you going to read my posts, i want to tell that i write what i want to write, please forgive if i write something wrong or maybe makes you get offended, i just didn’t mean to.

Lastly, hope to see you in real life guys..




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